Do you know there were 4.53 billion bus passenger journeys across the UK in the past year? A huge number of people utilise the bus as their medium of transport. Everyday a bus driver drives students, workers, children and elderly people to their destinations. The question of an accident in this situation where lives of so many people are involved doesn’t exist.

Bus drivers go through a detailed theoretical and practical bus driver training and have a good fitness training routine in order to become highly efficient drivers ready to handle and fix any misfortune on the road. As a bus driver you should be ready for different hazards while you are on the road.


Pinpoint the Hazard Straight Away

A good and far-sighted bus driver is able to identify and avoid a hazard on time. A hazard can become a source of harm to the bus driver and the passengers on board. During PCV training you are taught to always look ahead and spot the danger while being decisive instantly. Some potential hazards can be:

  • Somebody opens the door of a parked car
  • Vehicle trying to overtake you or merging into the lane
  • Open potholes


Bad Weather & Visibility

Many weather conditions can cause hazards during your work hours. This is a situation that can’t be avoided or changed. A bus driver should be focused and calm during bad weather conditions in order to gain the cooperation of the passengers. Because of low or no visibility in some weather conditions, there are chances that you are unable to see what’s ahead of you increasing your risk of an accident. Make sure you are driving at a defensive and slow speed while trying to look as far ahead as you can to determine the hazards on the way.


Red Light Signal Runners

Other drivers sharing the road with you and not following the traffic rules can become a potential hazard for you especially with the size of a vehicle you are driving. It is a federal law that all vehicle must come to a complete stop while the red light is on and so it is applicable on every person on the road but some people like breaking the rules and run through a red light and that can become pretty dangerous for the bus driver and other people on the road. Always keep a watch for these runners.

Hazards may vary depending on the routes you are on. There can be various construction sites you will need to be careful around and pedestrians you need to watch for. Choose a bus driving school that’s best for you to get ready for your CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence) through a bus driver training course.

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Safety Hazards to Avoid With PCV Bus Driver Training
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